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rhoda's Journal
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Thursday, September 1st, 2005
3:46 pm
wow it's sept already
the other day i was drinking my favorite drink.. and underneath the cap.. it said "start ur journal" so maybe i'll start udating it.. those things underneath the cap is funny.. last time it sed look up.. and i looked up and a water dropped on my forehead.. lolz.. well i guess im getting old now.. im 20.... hehehe... I miss my friend fabbby.. too bad we coudnt spend more time while she was still in LA.. of Cali... but i miss U! hehehe.. u better call me the first thing wen u get bak to kali... well i've been slowly getting over the whole drama thing. i read bak and boy that was the life man... oh i had this cd.. and it had the song "let's get readdy to rumble" lolz.. oh welcome bak marz! i missed u...and lets see. to a good friend.. u have to stop being nice because ppl are taking advantage of u... and they are doing it behind u.. onlee if u would see... cuz i don't wanna tell u cuz u sed u wana see it from them.. okai well that is it....
Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
10:11 am
i haven't realie wrote in here for so long.. i like live jouranl much better becuase i've had this for alonger period of time and i can reread all the good memeories i had bak in the days.. i realie don't know how i feel for u.. im realie lost.. it's juss why did u have to do that to me? well my head is going back and forth.. i realie don't know how to feel.. i juss feel so angry that u had to do this to me.. but then again.. ewww ur not worth me feeling this way.. ur like no one.. ur like a lowlife.. i hope that everything u sed to me in the past was real.. i hope u realie meant all the stuff u sed... i hate love.. love will always break ur heart.. and top of that.. it sux.. cuz u don't know what love is until u lose it.. and by the time u lose.. it's so hard to get bak... i realie don't know what im talking about.. mahn in the lab they are playing this sad song.. and it makes mee wanna type how i feel... but juss thinking about it.. we were good.. but why the sudden change? AHHHHHHHHH it's all good.. yeah UR A LOSER! okai bye... oh by the way NY was fun!

Current Mood: uncomfortable
Saturday, February 19th, 2005
10:44 pm
so moody
well onlee like ppl knoe why im moody. im so moody lately.. i dn't like stingy ppl!
Tuesday, January 18th, 2005
5:16 pm
Too maNy things on mind...
hey journal...
today is the 18th.. well which makes it.. tuesday.. but imma start talking about SUNDAY... i think the 16th.. well sunday.. jimmy.. nelson... and william... jimmy's fam.. we all went snowboarding.. how fun huh??? well it was like too many unexpected things... i was suppose to meet jimmy at his house at 800 am.. but then i kinda ran late because i had to drop by the market to buy some munchies... after that we got into jimmy's brothers pick up.. doode IT WAS SOO SMALL.. never in my life am i gonna buy a pickup!!! well anyways it took us like 5 hours to get there!!! cuz like all the roads were closed... by the time we got there.. it was all tiring.. so then we snowboarded for juss a lil and then came down.. and then jimmy and i almost got into a major accident.. the road was icy and we almost swerved but jimmy got in controll... mahn *phew*... Yesterday which was martin luther... i woke up early so i can study.. but i didn't get to.. in the morning cuz my backpack was at will's house.. i went to judy's so we can go pick up my backpack.. then we went to mcdonald with her sis and daughter.. and then we met up with jimmy at golden deli?? i think that's what it is called.. and then later i went to wesco to study for micro.. blah blah I HATE MICROTESTS!!! mahn.. i guess i am a bad influence.. i feel like that person is doing so well in skool ever since i walked out of his life.. i don't knoe.. as for me.. im still a DUMMY! okai bye bye

Current Mood: stressed
Sunday, January 9th, 2005
10:41 am
geting bak to my old self...
mahn.. it seems like im normal now.. i haven't been flaking out on jimmy.. ahahhahaha.. that's a good thing.. he finally got to ate mario's the best deli sandwhich ever!! and than we went to the car show.. or auto show.. it was nice.. but then again.. it was like whatevers cuz we couldn't affor the car.. oh i took a picture of me on a BIKE.. omg it took mee so long to get on that bike.. all the little kids wanted to get on.. and they all CUT mE.. whatta lil gay blah.. and than we went to go eat at carrows.. omg.. that sandwich was pretty good... hehehe.. well that was yesterdai.. today is a new todya.. today.. my friend and i are gonig to the mall cuz like we are.. heheh becuase we both don't work.. but too bad i dont have money... mann panda called me off.. but it's all good.. imma juss do my misc. stuff.. like CLEAN MY ROOM.. STUDY!! and i guess mall?? hehehehe.. wenever im not going to work.. i always end up at the mall.. why is that? hehehe..as for my love life.. uhm dennis is bugging me again! that VIOLENT CREATURE... omg... i hate it wen ppl call mee private NUMBERS.. omg... DON"T EVER CALL PRIVate... i don't pick up his fone call.. and than he ends up blocking his number later... and i pick up.. and he's like wtf.. ahahha.. thats it.. okai bye bye
Wednesday, December 29th, 2004
8:12 am
rainy days
oh rain.. so beautiful! makes mee feel like so nice... well all my plans got killed but it's all good.. i think another good plan might come my way.. hehehe.. for example cleaning my room.. never go wrong with that.. yesterdai mahn.. it was so funny.. well kinda coincidence kinda thing.. well my manager at panda told me not to come.. he also told joanna not to come.. and then we decided to chill with her buddies from philly... and then next thing u knoe.. he calls both of us to come in and stuf.. but we wer like no way.. we are out and then we have to go bak to work.. i don't think so..we both sed we were far away and with our family.. hehehe.. he's gay.. skool is starting next week.. oh great... that realie sux.. that means i can't do anything again!!! oh wellz.. i love the rain..
Friday, December 24th, 2004
8:48 am
hi journal... today is gonna be such a long day.. i dont know how much i can emphasize THANK YOU to all my friends.. well its comming to the end of this year... this year has been good and bad.. bad cuz of all these dramas.. good because i met GOOD friends.. u know who u guys are.. thanx to jimmy's bondfire.. i got closer to judy.. hehe ur such a good friend.. and doode yea.. rmember God sees everything.. and and all the good stuff u did.. he will bless you.. i feel like im saying the same thing.. but it's juss i don't how to emphasize it more!!! this song that im listening to make it seems like it's the end of everything.. today we had gift exchange at work... im suprised mr. wing tom gave mee something.. hehehewell im not that popular at work.. im still the NEW YOUNG GUN... but it's all good.. i don't relaie care so much..
Tuesday, December 21st, 2004
9:42 am
gift exchange
well actually gift exchange was yesterdai.. mee jimmy.. and judy went to that sushi place.. so yummi.. don't know why im craving sushi!! eversince malyne took me to tokyo lobby.. well anyways.. jimmy and judy are so mean.. j.k.. they made me open my gift.. i seriously wanted to open it up on xmas.. but they were like open it open it....so i opened it... well i was happy with it... hehehe.. thanx thanx u guys.. u guys are the greatest! and then we went shopping.. doode i needa shop some more.. for my lil brother! i don't know.. my head is hurting so gtg.. BYE!!!
Thursday, December 16th, 2004
7:55 am
so tired
mahn im so tired of like doing everything.. my body is so soar and juss so tired.. mahn especially my eyes.. i have to cross check all the balances so early in the morning.. and the numbers are sooo small.... before my hands were getting messed up cuz i had to type super duper fast to keep up my production.. now it's my eyes.. my eyes get tired so fast.. well i like my job sometimes.. but sometimes i wonder.. dude wouldn't it be sooo great to juss have a normal day time job.. and a noremal life where my day begins at 9am and ends wenever it wants to.. like right now.. my day begins at midnite.. well actually 1230.. and has to end by 630 PM! whatta gay is that.. and i can't even do anything on friday nights cuz i have work in the morning! mahn i wonder how all my other coworkers do it.. well afterall .. they are all old farts that have no life.. but to work!!! seriosly.. they are like 50 someting.. im considered the "young gun".. that's enuff of my work life... well im' kinda confused at what this person told me about someone.. i am wondering if it's true or not.. or is that person trying to test me.. i juss wanna know the real truth from the person's mouth.. i hope it's what i think it is.. but now my mind keeps shifting and i realie don't know how i feel... as from that ahole... he's over.. seriously i don't feel anything.. i know u guys are thinking yea right.. why are u talking about him in ur lj.. well juss letting u guys know! like wen he msged me.. i was like oh whatever.. who cares.. but mahn.. hehe one dai someone better and worthy will come my way.. heheeh.... that doesn't think imma pshycho.. oh for panda.. one of my co worker is comming bak!! woo hoo.. now we get to talk and talk.. ahahah i bet pete is not gonna put us together cuz we will talk alot!!! well as for skool.. skool is over.. well not officialy cuz i have to finish up my online class!!! yuck!! well take cares... and BYE

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
9:30 am
hahaha.. i have like 3 things to write about my life.. well i guess this will be my primary one cuz it has everything from like 2001.. goodnes lately it's been very stressful for me.. i've taken the wrong path.. and iknew it wasn't the way to go.. but me being naive.. i went that way.. i've learned a lot of things about my inner-self.. my surroundings and stuff.. and i don't believe it took this long.. well im not saying that im totally over this... i guess this situation opened up everyone's eyes.. well im not sure.. but it did open my eyes.. ppl juss gotta act REAL.. stop acting fake.. if ur fake.. ur gonna lose so much respect from your friends and everyone else around you... if someone is less fortunate then you.. u should try offering them things that are necessary instead of taking the unfortunate for granted.. i jus can't believe how blinded i was.. and i yes thank you.. my special friend.. thank you for telling mee stuff that hurts.. but i've learned.. and i unblocked my boundary to see the horizon.. hehe.. u know there are so many things for me.. juss sitting right there.. and fudge.. i've missed so many oppurtunity cuz i was blinded.. but now iknow.. take all the oppurtunities that are given to me.. and never reject any.. wow.. but the question is.. Am i juss being fake to myself?? am i realie stronger now? i hope i'm telling myself the truth... well maybe not to the point where im over.. but i feel stronger.. grr.. juss makes me angry at the fact that i was DUMB.. hehe leSson learned.. okai.. well im off to skool now... ByE joUrNaL!!!

Current Mood: relieved
Sunday, December 5th, 2004
9:19 am
WoW wow.. finally i've updated my journal.. it's been months and months.. i guess i was so busy with work and skool.. if ur not updated with my busy life.. my life revolves around pasadena city college, los angeles trade tech, bank of america, and panda express.. im not sure about target anymore... i've had no life cuz im so busy.. but i'll make time for my PACkAt LaBerz.. cuz I LaB You GuYZ! *MUaH* and it's so funny, when i was reading my entries from back then.. mahn i was such in love. . ahaha puppy love.. that was funny.. i was laffing.. juss thinking about the past.. oh and i still sometimes talk to that dork.. mahn i enjoy hanging out with marz and her cousin.. and her cousin's friend every saturday! yesterday was such a great day.. we went to go eat dinner with jimmy. jimmy and marz started to criticize me to open up my eyes.. and it kinda did..and then mee and marz went to my house to do our happy balh.. and then man.. we went to joel's house.. and everyone was soo emotional.. and we put make up on joel!! green eyeshadow.. whatta pretty BOY! hehehe.. well as for todya.. i went to work at 1130 AM.. but it was raining so much that it was so slow.. business was so slow.. so they sent mee and my co-worker home! so i onlee worked for 3 hours!! and i came home.. took a lil nap and started on my boring essay!! yuCk! well that's about it.. cuz i have to buy biggie biggie some dinner! okai ByE~
Friday, August 15th, 2003
9:59 am
oh today we leave to vegas
Sunday, December 29th, 2002
10:02 am
oh mahn.. im so happie.. cuz conti made mee happie.. yesterdai he took mee to bc.. and then tofu.. and then burbank to go watch da movies... oh yea by da way.. im talking on da phone with ann... She says hi to da ppl whoe are gonna be readying my journal....oh mahn.. later on imma be going to rj's party.. and then i ahve to go to work... yeah that's my life.. so boring huh.. im alwayz working...
Sunday, November 24th, 2002
12:13 am
DOODe mEe and conti finally broke up.. it'z been like almost a month that i have not been with him.. doode but it'z like we still act like we are together.. i juss don't knoe wht to do.. and marz knows this other SECRET that i shouldn't be doing.. i feel so guilty... doode im scared of life.. and im so sleepy.. i miss conti.. he'z not calling mee.. im waiting for his call.. and im falling asleep.... -_-ZzZZ and i worked too much today... well i guess mee will update later
Friday, September 20th, 2002
10:57 pm
aNOthEr sAd yET haPpIe dAi
well today is friday of course.. i failed my math test.. wutta bumers.. i had a quiz for chem today.. and first period.. tri to do my hw.. and then nut.. sale ticketz.. during lunch go to a meeting... so practically today... i had no chance to see my friends... I miss yOu guyZ... hEhE i haven't been around themm lately.. well and then me and marz and ann... were juss outside afterskool.. aNN U MANIAC DRIVER! ahahahahah JM.. well im pretty much sad and mad.. cuz conti went to knotts.. and he'd rather choose his fiends over mee.. tat's messed up.. but then i went somewhere... goODness.. hEy "GIRLFRIENDS" we are gonna go out toOOO!! okai? mahn i feel this ANGER inside.. oh wellz... i guess i have to calm down or something....
Thursday, May 30th, 2002
11:34 am
BoRed at skool
aW mahn im in 5th period class.. and it's so bored in here.. hehe i have cisco.. mahn todai i get to play tennis with my tennis buddies! woo hoo reunion... i haven't realie played with all of them for awhile.. it is so boring rite now that i juss told myself i'll jus update my journal.. well yestrerdai.. wut did i do? oh yeah i went to trade tech with my friend and wen we were comming bak home.. we got lost! mahn.. hehehe how gay is that? we were suppose to gett off at civic center but we got offf at pershing square.. and da rest of da nite.. i tried to study for my SAT.. cuz imma take mines this saturdai.. how scary.. i feel like like sleeping.. and i knoe ur falling asleep prolly trying to read it.. huh? heheheh mahn i like da way of this sound.. wen u type.. and it makes that typing noice.. hehehe well anywayz i guess this will be it for now. cuz imma start studying for my test.. h
Saturday, May 25th, 2002
9:53 pm
onE yEaR AnnIvERsARy
25th oF mAy iS mEE aNd Conti'Z oNE yeaR aNNivEsaRy.. im hAppiE ThaT wE mAdE iT THRouGh bEcuZ iT iS sO haRd tO BeLiEVE.. i THiNK sOmE ppL lOST fAiTh in uS.. TheY ThouGhT wE wEreE gONnA bReaK up bEfoRe onE yeaR.. bUT wE mAdE iT.. wE fOuGhT.. arGuEd aLoT.. buT EvERyTHinG mAdE up.. TodAi.. ConTi PiCkED mEe up.. aNd wE PLaYeD hOrsE..(bbALL) aNd dA lOSer gIVEZ dA wInnER KissES.. hEhE bOI dId i gIvE lOTz oF kIssEs!.. bUT iSh OkAI.. aNd OmG.. hE lET mEE dRiVE hiS cAR! aNd mAhn.. u knoE wUT'z sO SwT? hE cOoKed mEe dINnEr! HEhE wOW GuyZ nEed tO Go lEaRn hOW TO cOOK.. aLTHoUGh dA fOoD wAs gReaT.. iT'z jUsS dA waY hE cOokEd wAs FUnNiE! WeLL iT wAs Fun.. aLTHOuGh i sAid Some mEaN sTUff To HiM.. I fELt baD... WeLL jUSs knoW wE CaN gRow STRongEr!.
Tuesday, April 30th, 2002
12:31 pm
wow i haven't reallie kept with this journal for A LONNG TYM! mahn.. heheh yesterdai i went to my LoVe'z sTaR academy.. hehe CONGRATs ConTi! hehehe.. next year! too aiite? well yeah im realie happie being with him.. hehe. he makes my lyfe much easier.. somtymz dat is.. well i have golden state exams and AP exams and SAT.. grr.. too much..
Tuesday, November 13th, 2001
10:19 pm
I LovE mY mOnkeYtOoDLez
todai is a good Dai! im so hApPIe.. hehE I hAd a TaLK wIt my LovE aNd hE prOmiSeD oR hE sAId he'S gonnA cHaNGE aNd sTUff.. cUZ wE'Ve bEeN haVinG LoTz oF dOwnZ pAsT fEw dAIZ>. sO yEaH HEheE hE bOUgHt mEEh bObA todAi.. aNd wE dRaNk iT.. aNd wEnt for a dRiVE.. iT wAs cOo.. we wErE gOINg dowNhILlZ aNd UPhILLz. hEhehE.. I lOVe hIm soo MuCh! im gOIng KRaZie kRaZie kRaZiE kRaZIE.. thInKin abouT hIm~ aHahHAHA
OkAi i got an "A" foR AP pHySicZ! aHahA.. gOsH I can't sToP thInKin abOuT hIm*sigH* oMg.. hehEhe
Friday, November 9th, 2001
11:15 pm
nEw shOeS
hehe i got new shoes todai!!couch got it for meeh.heh i love yooH!! it's da same pair as him.. heheeh but uknoe? my right one is tighter than my left?? ahahah wellyeah and we went to best buyz.. then got pretzel.. then got jamba juice!! thanx coucH(monkeytoodles)
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